Mrs. Thai Huong
Mrs. Thai Huong

Founder of TH Group






Mrs. Thai Huong has been well-known as a determined and kind woman who has successfully launched TH brand “True Happiness” based on the core value of “For Public Health”.

Mrs. Thai Huong is the trailblazer of Vietnam’s organic and clean agriculture. She is highly appreciated as the woman who started a revolution in Vietnamese agriculture by finding “the golden key” applying cutting-edge technologies in all aspects of her business. In 2008, she started a dairy farming and production project with a herd of 45,000 heads and this has been certified as the biggest high-tech dairy farm in Asia by the Asia Book of Record.

During the visit to Vietnam and TH in 2011, Israeli former President, H.E. Mr. Shimon Peres asserted that: “She (Mrs. Thai Huong) has inspired a milk revolution in Vietnam”. The US-based magazine Forbes has named her one of Asia’s most powerful businesswomen for several consecutive years for her contribution to dramatically changing the situation of Vietnam’s dairy industry. She is also the only businesswoman from Vietnam to be granted the Outstanding Award for Contribution to the Community in UAE’S Dubai, and the Award of Global Trade Ambassador (US) and Asia Responsible Enterprise Award. TH true MILK-branded products have been honored with many domestic Golden Awards and international prizes in the recent years.

In addition to dairies, under the leadership of Mrs. Thai Huong, many other projects for safe and natural, organic products or best health care services and education have been fruitfully carried out by TH Group. Mrs. Thai Huong always has a vision to help Vietnamese agriculture go global with world-class standards.

Vision And Mission

Message of the Founder

I was born in a typical Vietnamese family, in a land of great pride: the homeland of our Great President Ho Chi Minh. My father was a teacher who joined the patriotic war upon the call of the country. My mother and her children took care of each other, doing farm works together, and that was how we got through the hardships. Maybe those difficult times made my dignity and personality appurtenant to a noble mission. I always feel that I had a beautiful childhood. Those days did nurture my dreams and the burning ambition in my soul. I have been always happy with that.
Time has passed by, offering me more and more experiences about the world around which has great impact on my feelings and take wings for me to realize my dreams: “Make our people to be proud of their homeland”. Days by days, I have also seen the increasing prevalence of unsafe foods, cold-heartedness and greed. The incident that hit me to a daring decision was the 2008 Chinese milk scandal, in which melamine contaminated milk might have caused kidney damage to millions of children. I felt like my heart bleeding learning about that through the news. The following morning, I convened the BOD’s urgent meeting and concluded to produce fresh milk right in my homeland.

That was how TH true Milk was born.

Entering a messy and fierce market with more than 500 different brands of nontransparent and confusing information, we chose to apply a Blue Ocean Strategy to define and position the brand of TH as “True Happiness”.
All our dreams became true. Our safe and organic products, our best health care services, our dreamy school and beautiful stories for the children, all have been created to serve the community. We will take Vietnam’s agriculture to the world with strictest international standards. In order to make a brand everlasting, once it is developed and positioned, it must be maintained with the consistency and determination despite of whatever circumstances, and humanism would enlighten and lead the way for the brand.
On this occasion, I would like to send all of you a message: “I am Thai Huong. I was born from the Land, the Water and the Wind. I am as gentle as the Land, but also as powerful as the Water and the Wind. We should treasure the Mother Nature, who give us everything.”

Mrs. Thai Huong’s speech at the Global Summit of Women (Tokyo, Japan, May 2017)