Together we, the people, make a society. It is a driving force for growth of each country and also for each company. At TH Group our people are the foundation of business. TH Group positions its people at the very core of the business because we consider our employees as part of our TH Group family. Our employees are our most valuable and intangible asset, and we have the policy to nurture them for a holistic development and we treat them with the utmost respect. We strive to offer all our employees a pleasant and positive and healthy work environment. At TH Group, we believe that it is only through working under such conditions that we can collectively achieve the goals and commitments we set for ourselves under the six pillars of our sustainability policy. Our employee engagement programs provide us with the opportunity to address SDG number 8 (‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’) as well as SDG number 10 (‘Reduced Inequalities’) and SDG number 5 (‘Gender Equality’). These programs are included in our “Education” and “Community” pillar.