Vision & Mission

Vision And Mission


Defining the Group’s interests in line with the country’s. Not aiming at maximizing profits but harmonizing interests.

Human are the masters of society as well as the driving force for the growth of each country, to which individuals’ intellectual, physical and spiritual wellbeing is critical. A country is reinforced only when its people are both physically and mentally developed. The development is brought about by many prerequisite factors, not limited to the essential nutrients found in rice, food and dairy products, but also sustainable health care regime. The investment into physical and mental stature makes great contribution to the improvement of people’s stature as well as the strategic sustainability of the nation.

TH Group’s investment projects are focused on the application of high technologies integrated with management science to produce agricultural products of high quality and productivity, for the sake of sustainable development and human health.

Vision And Mission

TH's True Story

All stories have a beginning. For TH, the story started with a desire to soar above namely “Vietnamese Stature”.

A desire to pave a new way for a profound mission.

President Ho Chi Minh, throughout his life, emphasized the point of view that health is the most valuable property of the human beings; it is also the precondition for the development of everyone. Human beings are the masters of the society as well as the driving force for the growth of a country, so the mental and physical development of individuals is very important. Therefore, at TH, we have a strong faith that our investments for the health benefits and education services have contributed to the improvement of the country’s next generations; these are the strategic investments for the national growth.

Consequently, we are always motivated by the question “How to improve Vietnamese stature and help the country to take a place among the world’s developed countries?” Every Vietnamese has this ambition in his heart. At TH, the desire has become a huge motivation to forge us to pave a completely new way for an honorable mission for the sake of the people, the society and the country of Viet Nam.

Vision And Mission

For a Better Future

Excellent project planning

TH understands that nutrition regime, particularly milk, plays the most important role in physical and intellectual development of human. In developed countries around the world, drinking milk has become a daily necessity and a long-standing cultural tradition. They also pursue the trend to be back to the nature, towards green, clean, organic and sustainable living lifestyle. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, only few children take milk every day. The access to fresh, safe and natural food is not available for all. That’s why the ambition to improve Vietnamese Stature has urged TH to make its investment into hi-tech agriculture, aquaculture and forestry, with an emphasis on a closed process that will ensure products’ premium quality. TH is committed to becoming a world-class manufacturer of clean food “completely from the nature”, starting with our dairy farming and clean milk production branded “TH true MILK”.

Professional and well-organized execution

To successfully realize our ambition, it is necessary to have a strategic vision, a detailed work plan and excellent execution.

TH Group has applied a self-constraint process according to the international standards to produce fresh milk under the brand of “TH true MILK”, in accordance with the Group’s slogan “Fresh and clean milk is the only way”. TH Group has been developing its retail outlets named TH true mart, which are equipped with the most modern facilities and the best cold-chain for product preservation and sales. These are the convenience stores where TH supplies its fresh, premium and natural dairy products, vegetables, medicine, beverages, functional food to consumers. The stores also offer for sales the international famous branded consumer goods which are completely made of natural materials. With profound mission and professional execution, TH Group accompany Vietnam in its journey of renovation and development, to bring about a brighter future and prosperity for the country and the next generations.

Vision And Mission


Vision And Mission

The passion of pioneering